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By HoneyColony Staff

Wine, sugar, and carbs have their own imperfect party while working their way through your digestive track. If you indulge in these tasty, salty, sugary treats, from cupcakes to cheeseburgers, go easy, avoid “sugar crash”, and understand how these foods affect your gut.

According to Shape, “Refined carbs like white rice, pasta, and flour have basically had their healthy bits removed; for example, white rice was once brown rice before it got its fiber-rich exterior stripped away. So not only are refined carbs low in nutrients, they are converted quickly by the body into sugars and can boost blood sugar levels. When these levels are high, your body uses sugar instead of fat stores for an instant energy boost. You get hungry again faster after a refined carb-heavy meal (the reason you’re ready to eat again an hour after a huge plate of pancakes), plus your body isn’t using fat stores for energy, which is what you want.”

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